About Us

MT Group is focused on being a pioneer and leading company across all sectors in which it operates, protecting the environment and social values, and contributing to the development, progress and the future. With its reliable and consistent performance at national level, its uncompromised service approach brings the Group in the future at international level.

MT Group consisting of 10 companies operating in various industries provides a significant added value to the Turkish economy.

MT Group companies include MT Healthcare Products, MT Real Estate, MT Information Technologies, MT System, MT Technical Service, DESU, Metuas, Medusalus, MT Auto Centre and Divasoft companies.

MT Group companies, beyond their numeric size, have a management focus based on customers and consumers, and sustainable corporate principles.

Benefiting from high technology and communications, MT Group seeks to offer the most quality and good products to the customers and adapts itself to the evolving conditions across all industries in which it operates. Home to 10 companies and 450 employees, MT Group achieves its goals of establishing a brand value with its dynamic human resources and technological infrastructure and creating customer loyalty. Adopting the vision of an international company in a short while, MT Group companies continue to evolve and progress with their persistent and uncompromising works.