Chairman’s Message

Turning Crisis Periods into Success Stories through the Right Economic Policies

Murat Sancak In 2008, economic crisis broke out in the US and soon after spread across the world, still affecting the global economy in form of aftershock waves. In particular, in 2012, global economic growth slowed down and obscurity dominated a majority of it. To overcome the global economic crisis, economic, social and political changes and organizations take place across the world and our region.

Despite the global crisis, Turkish economy showcased a growth exceeding the expectations, especially in 2010 and 2011. Thanks to successful economic plans, Turkey survived the crisis period taking the least blow. With the policies implemented in 2012 and 2013, its economy widely recovered.

MT Group has read the situation carefully, generated the right policies and turned the crisis into a success story. Despite the crisis, we have never interrupted our investments. On the contrary, we expanded our business with new investments.

The best way to adopt the fast advancements and evolution in technology is focusing on R&D, innovation and investments in technology. Our technologic investments are what make us enthusiastic, hopeful and confident about the future.

As a result of our R&D works, MT Information Technologies introduced innovations in cash register machines and payment systems to Turkey and the world. Our product VERA-Delta IP Based Cash Registries with EFT Swiping Feature is the token of superior Turkish Engineering and has attracted attention of many countries wishing to implement the technology at home.

Flagship company of our group, MT Healthcare has been the name of Quality and Trust in the market, owing to the collaborations with global leading companies and to its wide range of products from the state-of-the-art devices to consumable goods and its price stability.

In early 2009, we established a modern manufacturing plant equipped with special machinery imported from Italy and we established a partnership between San Sağlık Ürünleri and the global actor SCA, the former striving to lead the Turkish market with its endevours in patient diapers market.

MT Group Continues its Investments in the Upcoming Period...

Focusing on being competitive and productive across the Group, we will continue to create sustainabile values for our stakeholders.

Even in the challenging times we occasionally face when we operate across various sectors, we will never compromise on quality as we see the products bearing our name and the areas in which we operate as a source of ‘Reputation’ for MT Group. Boasting on this approach and support from our business partners combined with the kind interest from the customers, we are proud to expand our business in the market. We will alway strive to evolve and develop for quality products, brands and services in order to further raise the momentum that we seized in a short while.

Meanwhile, we will make new initiatives in social responsibility.

I would like to thank to our stakeholders who have contributed in our succesful performance.

Murat Sancak
MT Group Chairman