Human Resources

Synergy of a proactive employee group, whose aim is to implement corporate principles based on a professional conception...

Our philosophy for Human Resources

Our objective is to accomplish the success and the target beyond dispute no matter in what direction the Working Plans are. And we believe that success can only be ensured through contemporary, regular and continuous strategic human resources policies.

Organizational Structure

Other than necessities due to technological developments and special preferences, our aim is to enable young fellows, who take part in our company, to go through the top positions based on their performances performed during the process in accordance with well-trained man power, low personnel rotation speed and professional management understanding created as part of re-configuration.

Employment and Work Placement

From the lowest positions to the senior directors, personnel selection is performed in compliance with joint studies of human resources with related departments. Employment and placement in a suitable position is performed on the basis of MT Group standards, on which our company is dependent under the titles of training, experience and personal characteristics.


Training investments for our employees are considered to be a substantial issue not only contributing to personal development but also fulfilling company requirements in terms of improving either their knowledge and skills or their current knowledge and skills. Orientation trainings are provided by the directors and experts of the company. It is ensured that trainings likely to be needed by the employees in every departments as well as personal growth trainings are provided by expert trainers.


Based on the economic conditions therein, a pricing policy is adopted that aims to make better the living standards of our employees continuously.

Financial and Social Benefits

It is aimed to increase moral and motivations of all employees of the company and make them feel the joint values of the team they belong to. With respect to this objective, several material and nonmaterial benefits are provided to enhance unity and solidarity among the company employees and improve their motivation.