With its original sector-specific solutions, VERA offers Value-Added Services to facilitate the work processes of restaurants, cafes, grocery shops, pharmacies, car parks, bottled gas dealers, bottled water dealers, ticket-selling enterprises and accounting offices. VERA has a wide range of solutions for each sector.

Pharmacy Solutions

Whether the “Inspection Share” is collected in cash or by credit card, Revenue Administration-approved cash registry can issue the receipt and you don’t have to pay taxes for these costs or to perform irregular processes such as identification of 0% VAT part.

Using MyPharmacy Automation Software, medication name and price can be added to the receipt obtained from the new generation cash registry.

You can retrieve X Report, Z Report, Financial Memory Report and Monthly Report using Vera Delta.

Car Park Solutions

You can identify and track the subscriptions, provide the driver a receipt so that she/he can pay at the exit.

You can momentarily monitor and the occupancy rates of the platfoms and perform reporting.

You can the unauthorized exists (vehicles not paying the fee) and collect unauthorized exit fee from all terminals.

Subscription Distribution Solutions

Using the application, instead of pre-issued receipts, you can print cash registry receipts and bank POS receipts in door to door deliveries.

With the registered phone number of the subscriber, you can access their contact information.

Thanks to central administration module, you can centrally monitor and control total regional sales volume and all reporting items

Fast Retail Sales Solutions

Using mobile cash registry pos integration, you can perform sales and collection. By scanning the customer card on the barcode scanner, you can log in the system and perform fast sales and complete orders. Using the product stock cards, you can monitor and report the stock movements.

Ticketing Solutions

Using the application, you can enable your company to pay the taxes as it profits. In your operations, using the application can prevent monitoring the ticket stubs and stationary equipment; thanks to faster operation, you can serve more customers and minimize your personnel need. You can integrate the ticketing automation to your current accounting system.

Restaurant Solutions

You can perform cabled and wireless two-way integration using the current online order, addition and collection automation system. Thanks to reporting based on order, delivery, date/time and cashier, you can prevent losses and non-paid receipts. In addition to credit card and cash payment, you can use meal vouchers and mixed payment feature as well. In case of incorrect address input, return and missing orders, you can send feedback to the system. In delivery, you can change the payment option and collect partial payment.

Breaking grounds in hernia treatment by providing fast healing without interrupting the patient’s daily life, ARTCURE received the “Golden Mortar” award for the “Product of the Year” with the voting of a jury panel of the most prominent names in the Pharmaceutical industry.

2014 Golden Mortar Award Ceremony was held in Istanbul Park Hotel. Attended by the most respected representatives of the Pharmaceutical industry, the “Product of the Year” award went to ARTCURE which broke grounds in lumbar and neck hernia treatment.

Named by the panel of jury consisting of the most influential names in the Pharmaceutical industry, Brain and Nerve Disease Specialist Op. Mehmet Sorar, MD received the Golden Mortar Award for ARTCURE.

Having had major contributions in developing ARTCURE, Sorar delivered a speech at the ceremony. He said, “Artcure is an innovative product in lumbar and neck hernia which is the second reason of consulting a physician, following upper respiratory infections. It virtually minimizes the need of surgery and physical treatment. It effects within 24 hours after application and enables the patients to resume their daily routines within 48 hours. We have a very good start by winning the Golden Mortar award with a product which we believe to be a global brand in the next years.”

Golden Mortar Awards

Golden Mortar Awards, as an exclusive event organized by the “Eczacı” Magazine, received the “Best Magazine in the Industry” award, is being held since 2010. The event aims to evaluate the works and services of all units complementing each other in pharmaceutical industry; to certify their competence and empower their activities; and to encourage the new generations in the profession. Divided in three main categories as Pharmaceuticals, Investment and Jury Special, the Golden Mortar Awards winners are meticulously picked by a jury panel consisting of veterans of the industry, considering the successful works in the pharmaceutical industry.

About Artcure

ARTCURE® is the only product reducing the pressure on the spinal line by emptying the liquid content of the disc hernia with its mechanical effects. It treat the patient without interrupting their daily life.

It can be applied during mid- and advanced-stages of the disk hernia disease. With its special patented formulation, when applied to the right patient, it is highly effective. Supporting the existing disk hernia treatments, ARTCURE is applied to the herniated area and the patient should remain in the rest position only the next 24 hours after the application. Following the 24-hour rest period, reduction up to 90% is achieved and the patient can go back to his/her professional life.

In the interview with Finans Dünyası magazine, also features on the cover, Murat Sancak informed the readers on VERA Delta’s foundation stages and its future goals. Murat Sancak said, "There are many products in the market which do not comply with the technical guidelines. They internally connect the cash registry to the existing POS and use a little cosmetics and called it the Cash Registry POS. Unfortunately TÜBİTAK approved them. I hope the tradesmen do not suffer because of them."

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