Our Values

We are a group of companies focused on being a pioneer and leading company across all sectors in which it operates, protecting the environment and social values, and contributing to the “development, progress and the future”, aiming to carry its reliable and consistent performance at national level into the future at international level with its uncompromised service approach.

Customer-Oriented Service Approach

In all of our companies, instead of an unreliable growth based on numbers, we focus on a growth approach that is customer oriented and in line with our corporate principles. Without neglecting needs and requests of our customers, we offer our services under the most accurate conditions which we promise while following the rules of respect, honor, justice, equality and kindness.

Honest, Innovative and Evolving Code of Ethics

Our group companies and employees, across all industries in which we operate, strive to offer the best quality and useful products to the customers by benefiting from the high technology and communications while refraining from dogmatic approaches and adapting continuous research, learning and progress. Integrity and honesty are the most important values in all business processes and relationships.

Customer-Oriented Quality Policy

MT Group primarily aims at making the customer-oriented quality the core value at the company culture. In this sense, “quality” is a lifestyle for employees at MT Group.

Human Resources Based on Quality

We recruit our people based on the principle of “quality service is directly related to the quality of our people.” We aim to gain maximum benefit from our employees, to increase their productivity, to allow their growth in a free environment, to create a work environment based on team work while being fair in recruiting, promotion, wages and social rights and so on.

Management Approach

  • Sustainable Corporate Principles
  • Human Resources Based on Quality
  • Consumer and Customer Satisfaction
  • Sustainable Business Policies

To ensure service continuity, we mainly aim to make necessary investment, create sources while refraining from waste of these sources by using them wisely.

Change Focusing on Innovation

We deeply care about innovation and creating difference across all industries in which we operate. The entrepreneurial and leading spirit that is open to change represents our heritage.

Environmental Awareness

As an organization that is aware of its social responsibilities, contributes to the national economy and cares about the environment and people; we adopt innovative and sustainable environment approach in all activities.
We also perform environmental impact studies in every stage of our activities across all industries in which we operate.

Social Responsibility

Our people at MT Group work to effective and efficient use of limited resources and to create sustainable values. While doing so, as an humble group, we respect other people. We want our activities to develop our community and to be long-lasting.

Our Environmental Policy

  • We fulfil the obligations required by national and international certified laws on environment.
  • We follow all developments in scientific research and technology to improve our environmental performance.
  • We work by considering the environmental risks.
  • We carry out training activities to increase the level of information on environment of wider populations including customers, dealers, suppliers, subcontractors and other operational stakeholders.